Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rihanna Updates her Tattoos

Rihanna Updates her Tattoos

Apart from being fashion forward and talented, we knew Rihanna to be one who have numerous inks in her body. Just recently, Rihanna tattoos were added as she has got inked a tribal tattoo  on her right hand. The inking session took place during her New Zealand Diamonds Tour.

While the celebrity tattoos were still few weeks old, the 25 year old “Pour it Up” singer thought to update her hand tattoos and cover it. So she called her tattoo artists from New York to update her hand tattoo designs. Since the tat artists are distant with the Barbadosan, RiRi sent the artists, Bang Bang McCurdy and Cally-Jo a plane for the to do her 11 hour long session. This shows how anxious and excited she was to cover her Maori made tattoos that she made sure that her tat artist reached her in Dominican Republic.

The tattoo on the right hand of RiRi goes over her knuckles and wrist.  According to McCurdy, Rihanna’s hand tattoos art are made to complement was already there.

The tribal tattoo

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