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Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

Asian makeup tricks are here to help you create a feminine, sexy look. Follow our Asian eye makeup tips and tricks below and always look stunning!

1) Light eyeshadow on the lid

Remember light eyeshadow on the lid can really make a difference! In fact, there is no need to use a lot but put the main focus on whites or light shades that will make your eyes pop out.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

2) Dark or medium eyeshadow

Right after applying light eyeshadow on the lid go for darker or medium along contouring area, above the eyelid.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

3) Brow bone

Use lighter eyeshadow to fill in your brow bone but before you go for it, make sure your eyebrows are in good shape.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

4) Eyeliner

If you really want to make your eyes pop out just use eyeliner on your lashline and don’t be surprised by the results! You can also go for upward winged eyeliner which by the way is just perfect for almond shaped eyes.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

5) Eyeliner on waterline

There is no doubt that Asian eyes are naturally beautiful and there is no need for an overwhelming makeup but these tricks really help to emphasize natural beauty.

At this point you can go ahead and add eyeliner on your waterline too. You can also combine it with a color and create a more sensual look!

Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

6) Mascara

Now when it comes to the use of mascara make sure you add it on both top and bottom lashes as this helps to make your eyes pop out and adds a dramatic touch

Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

Roberto Cavalli Shoes 2013

Roberto Cavalli shoes 2013 are so attractive that no one can resist it while looking at them. Everybody will be inspired by the fantastic offerings for the bright season.

However, there are several essential differences between the 2013 collection and that of last year. Here animal prints gave way to attractive artistic features.

Roberto Cavalli Shoes 2013

 Roberto Cavalli fall/winter 2013 shoes stand out for their fantastic vibes and classy looks. Everybody is tempted by the sexiness of these shoes. Besides, all the shoes of Roberto Cavalli fall/winter 2013 have high heels.

You will surely be able to find the best suiting shoes for you in the Roberto Cavalli shoe 2013 collection. If you are for a versatile look, then the combination of black and gold hues is just for you.

We should distinguish between two types of shoes in Roberto Cavalli’s 2013 collection: fantastic pumps with pointy tips or ends and elegant ankle boots. Here you can see chic touches. Even some animal prints are preserved in this 2013 line.

If you want to highlight your astounding look even more, you may also wear nice accessories. You will surely look sexy and pretty in Roberto Cavalli’s 2013 shoes.


Roberto Cavalli Shoes 2013

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

Attention young fashionistas! We are super excited to present you the cutest Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers line for summer 2013 that definitely all of you will adore!  So hurry up and make sure to check out the Vans x Hello Kitty sneakers 2013! This new line is going to be a season must have due to its ability of adding a positive vibe to any look!

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

Add a cool, playful touch to your summer look this year. It is interesting how Sanrio surprises us with brand new creative ideas and this time also the brand managed to do so as the Vans x Hello Kitty sneakers line is not only in the center of attention of Hello Kitty fans but the rest of young fashionistas also can’t pass by unaffected by these beauties! Comfortable sneakers with Hello Kitty prints and cool detailed designs, come on, what can be more exciting? Besides, the label isn’t only restricted with sporty pairs that have the Hello Kitty design on but also has some offers for those who prefer more feminine yet comfortable footwear. So girls hold your breath because you will definitely get obsessed with this super cute pair of Vans Authentic lace up with a removable red sequin bow that can add a romantic vibe to any look! For those to appear to be fans of the Vans Lo Pro style the label offers diverse cute pairs in vibrant colors that guarantee a great mood for the whole summer season!

The new Vans x Hello Kitty summer 2013 sneakers are available at and at, so make sure to not miss the chance to own a cute pair with your favorite character!

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers for Summer 2013

How to Potty Train your Toddler

Potty training is an important step in the life of a family, whether you call it toilet training or toilet teaching.

There are several tips to do this however the first task must be to evaluate whether your child is really for the next step.

With this you will ease your job, convincing a child who is not ready for it can give you many headaches. If your child is not prepared for this, wearing nappies must not be a reason for shame.

The fortunate outcome of the process depends on the physical readiness of the toddler. Around the age of 18 months the bladder of babies can hold urine for a couple of hours, muscle control is the most important keyword. Another vital factor is verbal understanding, does your baby know what you expect him to do?

If yes, notice the signs of independent acts, as pulling up his own pants and trousers.

You should experiment with these tips in the summer when you can let your toddler run free without a nappy.

An additional sign is when the child draws your attention to his need to go to the toilet, as for example pointing on his nappy. After you identified all these signs, the actual potty training can start.

Here are some useful tips on how to potty train your toddler:

- It is very important to be calm, don’t panic if your baby tries to avoid it. Give him/her and yourself a little time. Usually you will have an easier job with girls than with boys, but there are no certain reasons why.

- Experiment with involving your child in buying a nice potty, let them choose the one they like the most. Keep it in the bathroom, where it belongs so that your child can always see it. It is also recommended to let your toddler see other children using the potty, make it a natural thing.

- Encouragement is essential, let your child feel that you are proud of him/her when using a potty.

It may seem too simple however, parents tend to become anxious when struggling with potty training.

- For a few occasions let your toddler sit on a potty with his clothes and nappy, on a chair, it will seem more natural for him later.

- Never punish him for not sitting on the potty, persistence is your best friend in this process.

- Dress your toddler in clothes, pants that can be pulled up and down easily, this will make your job easier.

- Personalize the potty, show your child that it is his/hers only, put stickers on it, paint his name on it – there are several tricks that can make a potty more appealing.

- You can take your toddler with you to the toilet and show him how you do your way, and how it is done by grown-ups.

- Make up stories about dolls and teddy bears that sit on a potty it will help him identify with them.

- After the first phase establish a certain routine, you can have a potty chart, where you can show your toddler how brave he was. This will surely encourage him to use it, for him it is enough that he can make you happy.

- Once you succeeded in training him for the potty, make it a happy habit, encourage him to sit longer periods on it, you can take it into the room and offer to read tales while he sits on it. Let him watch the TV while sitting on it, this habit must not be a torture for him.

- Accidents may happen even after a successful potty training however don’t forget to stay calm. At night it is advisable to use diapers until your child can wake up dry for a couple of days.

Good luck!

How to Potty Train your Toddler

Tips for Organizing the Baby's Room

Before the baby arrives, it’s very important to solve some problems first – after his arrival, your time will be fully dedicated to your little offspring.Buying clothes, baby products and, of course, organizing your baby’s room.

Here are some helpful tips:

The dresserYour baby will need its own dresser and since babies grow fast, it’s pretty sure that your baby will outgrow clothes fast.

Put outgrown clothes in containers, you may need them again, if you decide to have another baby.

Or, if you decide to donate them, you’ll sure know where to find them.

The bookshelf

It’s very handy to have a bookshelf somewhere in the baby’s room. You can place books there, toys, baby products, diapers, baby wipes, powder – everything you think you may need.


Many parents find them very useful. It’s a great storage device.

They hold everything, from toys, to shoes.

Very convenient and very accessible, baskets can be placed and moved easily in the baby’s room.

With a little time and some patience, organizing a baby room can be a fun thing to do before the baby arrives.

Of course, the most important thing is to keep it simple, try not to forget its functionality.

Tips for Organizing the Baby's Room

How to Choose Your Baby's Name

Our first name is an important part of our personality. Choosing one for our unborn baby becomes a major task.The influence that our name has on our social and private life has been a topic for the French psychologist, Nicolas Gueguen. Here’s what he thinks about it:

Short first names are much easier and simple to remember. People with such names have good social relationships, they are rarely lonely and they’re very popular.

Long first names come with a high social position and much harder to remember. The beauty of a name, its elegance and charm, influences one’s life.

A beautiful girl with a beautiful name is perceived more beautiful than if she had a strange or a ‘less nice’ name.

Studies show that babies recognize their names within the first 4-5 months of life.

They’re already making the difference between their names and other people’s names.

Choosing a name is exciting and important for most parents.

24% of parents are choose the name of their child before conception, 71% during pregnancy, and 5% after birth.

A little girl or boy you see while pregnant is the best inspiration, even if during the 9 months you’ve found dozens of names.

Before you choose a name for your baby, remember: people with cute first names are considered beautiful, live happier and longer – a great name gives more confidence and thus better coping with daily stress, which leads to maintaining a better state of health and extends life expectancy.

How to Choose Your Baby's Name

Maternity Fashion - What to Wear When Pregnant

Just because you are dressing for two now, it does not mean you have to completely change your personal style.

You can still look just as hip and trendy now that you are pregnant.

Many celebrities don’t lose their style or fashionable look while pregnant, and you shouldn’t either.

Don’t despair, there are plenty of options for you to be a sexy but most importantly a comfortable mom.Here are some suggestions for a stylish pregnancy:


You should look for an adjustable waistband, stretch fabric and a flattering cut, such as bootleg.

This would be a good item to splurge on because you will probably wear these for a bit after the baby is born. Or you can readjust your old jeans, by adding an adjustable waistband.


Pick up a figure-hugging top with a cute neckline to accentuate your baby bump.

A top accentuates your flirty and feminine look, while empire-waist shirt is also a great look. You can never go wrong with a cute top.

Cargo Pants

These are lightweight and fashionable pants, very easy to wear from shopping to lounging. These pants look great with a fitted tee or

an empire-waist top.


If you’re looking for a skirt, you should try one in a basic color (black or brown) with a lightweight material and a stretchy waistband (waistbands are, probably, the key-element in your pregnancy regarding clothes)


A wrap jersey dress will look great on your pregnant body, and is a perfect look for a night date with your hubby. Or, perhaps, you should try a dress made of a very light fabric, it’s more comfortable and light.

Maternity Fashion - What to Wear When Pregnant

Nail Polish Color and Skin Tone

Skin tone is one of the factors that should serve as the basic guideline when opting for a special makeup. However, if you want to improve your beauty skills, it is time to find out that to accentuate a certain nail polish tone it is necessary to take into account the shade of your complexion. Different skin tones match different shades, that’s why it is essential to opt for those that complement your look. Here are the basic principles on how to match nail polish color and skin tones.

Fair Complexion

You’re the lucky one, since you can sport many shades that are considered critical for other skin tones. Indeed, fair complexions have the tendency to flash elegance and purity. The best way to find the perfect nail polish is to be guided after the basic features.

Those who belong to this category are often called winter types. Indeed, the best shades that flatter the fairness are bright pink, light and medium tones of purple, red. Avoid dark and profound tints unless you are a Goth style fan or wish to wear an eye-popping nail art style. We should also include in the no-no color group dark blue, yellow, green and also gold.

Medium Skin Tone

This ‘in-between’ tone can pull off some stylish nail art masterpieces by applying nail polishes that tend towards the metallic shades.

The vibrant and glittering colors will add a tanned quality to medium skin tones. Bright shades are the absolute favorites of those who own this skin type.

Pile up some bottles of vibrant orange, pink and blue nail polish. These must serve as the no.1 choice when you want to polish to impress.

Silver and also light blue as well as their metallic version is perfectly emphasizing your neutral skin tones. Ditch out or at least neglect for a while shades as dark purple, red or navy blue.

Tan Complexion

Indeed, what could accentuate more a sunkissed complexion than a lighter shade?

Skim through the wide selection of shade as light blue, pink or purple. Also include in your preferences light brown and chocolate. Tanned skin is often associated with warm colors, both makeup and nail polish should follow this principle. Always take into account that the contrastive colors will bring out the most of your complexion. That’s why it is wise to skip colors as gold and all its shades since it might blend into the overall image without having any visible effect.

Dark Complexion

When it comes to nail polish, those who have dark complexion should think on a darker shade scale. These will efficiently emphasize their beautiful skin tones. Reds and dark greens as well as chocolate brown are the top notch shades that should appear among the nail art essentials of dark skin toned people.

Gold seems to be the best choice you can make when it comes to a voguish nail polish. The colors you should avoid are orange, white and even silver. These are ideal for fair tones, but inappropriate for you.

Nail Polish Color and Skin Tone

Manicured Nails at Another Level

Well groomed and sophisticated nail designs are in such high demand these days because they look extraordinary. The cosmetic industry has evolved so much even in the manicure department that it is hard to imagine.

No more boring and simple designs, no more glue on nail tips you can now get acrylic or gel nails, and nail polishes which look surreal.There have been so many nail design techniques developed in the last years which allowed 3D designs and beautiful paintings to be performed on the nails.Your choices expand greatly when it comes to manicured nails. You can go simple by wearing French nail polish or you can go extravagant by wearing acrylic or gel nails with superb 3 dimensional designs.

Well manicured nails are appropriate for every occasion depending on the design adopted. You can choose to change your nail polish design as often as you wish or as you can afford. The new nail design techniques and nail polishes are more resistant in order for you to benefit longer from the spectacular nail art designs.

manicured nails


Beautifully manicured nails have always been appreciated and have always created an elegant and sophisticated look. No wonder women loved to paint their nails since ancient times, because painted nails are not only fun they can absolutely change the hands appearance.

Before you choose a design make sure you make the right choice.

Choose colors which will match and emphasize your outfit. Choose more sophisticated 3 dimensional designs for going on vacation or going to certain parties. Avoid too colorful and obvious nail designs if going at more formal event. For formal event simplicity is the best solution.

If you have nails that break easily and take a long time to grow you can choose to apply gel or acrylic nails. They are the perfect solution to perfect manicured long nails in a matter of hours.

You can choose a simple French manicure and paint more sophisticated designs over the French nails. That way you can have gorgeous looking nails even after you remove the nail polish.

Artificial nails are the best solution for women who don’t have enough time to care for their nails as much. The nails will look well manicured for about 3 weeks without any maintenance. The designs and the materials used are similar to the natural nails and have a glossy finish making the nail appear healthy, strong and lovely.

Choose the design that you love or customize your nails with different unique designs created by you.

Manicured Nails at Another Level

Wall Decoration Ideas


Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas Wall Decoration Ideas

Wall Decoration Ideas

Stylish Scarves Collection

Scarves for women became favorite accessories when they want to add a collection of wardrobe. It has an advantage which can be used in every season, so the ladies can combine with clothes, dresses, shoes, pants, hats, gloves, and so forth. There are different kinds of women scarves by fabric, chiffon scarves, silk scarves, cashmere scarves, or woolen scarf. In addition, a variety of colors can be also as an option for scarves for women. neck scarves for women.

Stylish Scarves Collection Stylish Scarves Collection Stylish Scarves Collection Stylish Scarves Collection Stylish Scarves Collection Stylish Scarves Collection Stylish Scarves Collection

Stylish Scarves Collection

Modern Wall Clocks

Modern wall clocks, You can use to design your home an extraordinary view of modern wall clocks and table and clock.

Modern Wall Clocks Modern Wall Clocks Modern Wall Clocks Modern Wall Clocks Modern Wall Clocks

Modern Wall Clocks