Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Has Beyonce Removed Her Wedding Tattoo?

Has Beyonce Removed Her Wedding Tattoo?

After the much talked about Solange’s attack on Jay-Z, Mrs. Carter AKA Beyonce has sparked marriage problems as she was spotted without her symbolic tattoo located in her ring finger.

Solange’s vicious attack to brother-in-law Jay-Z has been caught by the surveillance camera in the Standard Hotel after the MET Gala. A source shared that the reason of the tiff is that Jay-Z plans to attend a Post MET Bash hosted by Rihanna without her wife Beyonce. This said to have cause the ire of Solange who attacked Jay-Z in the elevator. Beyonce was in the same elevator who looked sanguine in the entire scene. Interestingly, the sisters went on the same car while Jay-Z rode for another.

While the couple tries to cover the said scandal by appearing together in public on Saturday to watch the Brooklyn Nets playoff game, it can be noticed that Beyonce wasn’t wearing her engangement ring. Her IV tattoo symbol is gone and was replaced by red mark.

The symbol IV was symbolic to Beyonce

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