Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hot Nail Designs for Summer

Hot Nail Designs for Summer

Let’s change our casual nail designs and create something hot for summer. Here are some stylish nail designs worth trying in summer!

1. Half Moon Nail Design

Half moon nail design is considered one of the hottest ones for summer. Have this splendid design on your nails and have a gorgeous look.

2. Gold Foil Nail Design

Get a fabulous look by creating gold foil nail design on your nails. Your nails will have an outstanding look in summer.

3. Pop Art Graphics Nail Design

Pop art graphics are the trend of summer 2013. You may amaze everybody by painting them on your nails.

4. Glittery Nail Designs

Neon nail polishes together with glittery manicures will provide you a stylish look. You may experiment with green tones, which will give your hands an eye-catching look.

5. Floral Nail Design

It seems like floral nail art  never gives way. It is a splendid design for summer. You may create flowers using quite different shades.

6. Polka

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