Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sizzle Your Summer With These Vintage Swimwear

Sizzle Your Summer With These Vintage Swimwear

Vintage bathing suits are making its comeback. If you aren’t certain which among the classic swimsuits would flatter your body type, below are some of the retro bathing suits tips to make your summer more fun and enjoyable:

Bikini Bottoms

When wearing vintage summer wear, choose for the silhouettes that flatter your shape. If you aren’t confident with your midriff and wanted to hide your bulge, you can go for bikini bottoms. They are higher on the waist to hide your mid-section. For added effect, some bikini bottoms come with flouncy miniskirts that give your hip a slimming effect. The bikini has emerged out of Paris during the mid 1940s, making it as one of the covetable swimsuit of the decade. Through the years, the high waist bikini bottom and a boned top still makes a timeless fashion statement perfect to bask under the glorious sun.
Grab your beach blanket and get ready to rock the shore. You’ll look smashing all summer long in this retro-glam light pink

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