Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Solange Attacks Jay-Z After Met Gala

Solange Attacks Jay-Z After Met Gala

The video of Solange attacking Jay-Z has been viral since last week with people speculating the cause of the attack. The surprising attacked was leaked as it was caught by the Standard Hotel surveillance cameras in New York.

In the video, sisters Solange and Beyonce Knowles were in the elevator along with Jay-Z when the argument started which lasted for three minutes. The trio was accompanied by a bodyguard who help stop the fight. As soon as the elevator closed, Solange was seen kicking and hitting Jay-Z with Beyonce watching.

Beyonce was seemed to be frozen to the entire altercation, didn’t even made an attempt to stop the argument. A source shared that the argument started when Solange Met Gala friends would not leave the venue and kept on dropping Jay-Z’s name. Jay-Z later on snapped at Solange, saying to stop using his name.

This is what made the drunk Solange want to leave the party. On the way out, the rapper mogul said that he would go to Up & Down on

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