Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mushroom Diet: Weight Loss Miracle or Fad Diet?

Mushroom Diet: Weight Loss Miracle or Fad Diet?

Mushrooms are a high-protein food with less fat and sodium than meat and some celebrities are trying a diet rich in mushrooms to lose weight fast. Learn more about the mushroom diet and its weight loss benefits.

The M-Plan or Mushroom Diet is already favored by celebrities like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne, thanks to its attractive promise: lose weight in just 14 days in problem areas with a simple meal replacement.

Mushroom Diet Basics

Scientific research shows that protein-rich mushrooms can be an excellent aid to weight loss. Even replacing meat with mushrooms in 4 meals every week can help you lose weight. For faster results, the Mushroom Diet is based on replacing a meal every day with cooked or raw mushrooms.

Replacing lunch or dinner with a mushroom dish seems to be all there is to this new diet. There is no Mushroom Diet plan per se, but swapping mushrooms for meat is a healthy option according to nutritionists.

Some dieters may take the idea even further

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