Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Choose the Best Nail Shape

How to Choose the Best Nail Shape

Even though choosing your nail shape is a matter of personal preferences and style, there are a few things a woman should know and take into consideration before opting for square or round nails. As our hands and nails represent a symbol of beauty and femininity being the best visiting card, it is important to follow a certain care routine and find the most flattering shape for our nails.

We would all love to have gorgeous-looking hands, with long, delicate fingers and perfect nails. However, since this is rather impossible, you should know that based on the natural size and shape of your nails only a few colors and a certain nail shape flatters you.

A well-chosen nail shape not only helps you obtain a more delicate and stylish look for your hands, but it can also boost self-confidence. Therefore, whenever feeling like going for a specific trend, you should better think twice and choose something that suits you. Forget about who wears what and discover that special nail shape

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