Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tips on Choosing and Using the Best Green Concealer

Tips on Choosing and Using the Best Green Concealer

Green concealer is designed specifically to balance redness, blemishes and rosacea. Most people don't need the green tint in their concealer, but if you have fair skin prone to redness, it's the right way to get a flawless look. Find out how to use it and what are the best green concealer options.

Getting the right green concealer is based on the color match between the redness of your skin and the green pigments. You can either go for mint greens or deeper shades depending on the problem. Green concealer can also be used to hide acne, port-wine stains and even reddish scars.

How to Use Green Concealer

Balance is key when it comes to the best green concealer for your skin tone. If you use too much, you might get an unpleasant looking green tint. Start out with a little and try mixing it with your regular concealer for the most subtle results.

If skin redness is a big issue, you should apply a very thin layer over the problem areas, followed by a slightly thicker one of

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