Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Whimsical Nail Designs

Whimsical Nail Designs

Nowadays nail designs are a true form of self-expression. Fulfilling the need for variety and interest, while being an easily reversible style option that can compliment women of all ages, nail art has quickly earned an important place in the beauty routines of modern women. Refined, classy and elegant or funky, colorful and eye-popping, nail designs can match any mood or occasion, as long as they are chosen properly.

Going beyond the usual patterns and style rules, while still maintaining the unity of the design, is perhaps the most obvious place to start when trying to create a whimsical design that will challenge your creativity. Be prepared to juggle with color and make sure to select a myriad of style elements based on a previously chosen theme. Abstract nail designs are perhaps the ones that offer the most freedom of choice as they allow a great variety of details to choose from and typically do not require a lot of artistic skills to be created.

Stripes, animal

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