Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Homemade Facials for Combination Skin

Homemade Facials for Combination Skin

The desire to avoid potentially dangerous chemicals found in several conventional skin care products, an effort to make the overall skin care routine a little more eco-friendly or simply an attempt to find frugal alternatives in beauty care are perhaps the main reasons why most women are starting to pay more attention to homemade facials and other homemade beauty products in general. Although we are able to find a variety of recipes consisting of various ingredients when looking for homemade masks, adjusting them to meet our own specific needs is advisable.

Although finding mask recipes for dry and oily skin is relatively easy since the ingredients used are either moisturizing or slightly astringent, when it comes to the combination skin type, things can be difficult. Because the combination skin type has both the characteristics of oily and dry skin, finding a balance is extremely important.

Even though a relatively simple solution is using two different masks for various

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