Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top Beauty Tips for Emergency Situations

Top Beauty Tips for Emergency Situations

Nothing can ruin your day more than unruly hair, a pimple outbreak, tired eyes or other beauty mishaps, and the worst thing about these “bad days” is that they affect us when least expected. Because a beauty emergency requires a quick and prompt remedy, check out the following top beauty tips for emergency situations so you can have the solution to any problem that affects your beauty in a jiffy:

Puffy eye remedies
Puffy eyes are a no-no if you wish to look fresh and radiant at any time and dealing with the bags that form under the eyes is easy if you know what to do. Bags under the eyes appear due to liquid build-up under the skin, so to get the skin to reduce the puffiness you need to apply something cold on the area. Use some cold tea bags, cucumber slices or wrap something frozen from your freezer in a towel and hold the towel over the eyes for a few minutes to reduce the swelling and freshen up your look.

Blonde hair turns green
If you have blonde hair, you should

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