Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The F-Factor Diet

The F-Factor Diet

After 10 years of experience as a dietitian, Tanya Zuckerbrot created The F-Factor Diet, based on the power of high fiber foods in helping with weight loss. The F-Factor Diet promises much more, long term health effects including a lowered risk for many diseases, more energy and an improvement in the appearance of skin and hair.

With a meal plan of about 1100 calories, including F-Factor diet crackers, the diet is a strict one, but reviews show that a lot of dieters have gotten very good and sustainable results.

F-Factor Diet Basics

Divided into three phases, the F-Factor Diet puts an emphasis on adding foods instead of eliminating them, but also has strict rules when it comes to portion control.

Since fiber can decrease appetite, control blood sugar levels and increase the speed of the digestion process, most foods in this diet are very high in dietary fiber.

Along with an added energy boost, the F-Factor Diet may also reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular

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